Paul Corfield - Clouds Over The Sea

Clouds Over The Sea has taken inspiration from two paintings
that I painted back in early 2012. Often with my work I’m trying to push into new territory, both with ideas and painting technique. One problem with this is that I can forget things that I have learnt in the past. When I look back over all my past paintings there are key moments where things really worked. Those moments only last for a few paintings and then I tend to go off down other avenues, exploring new ideas. Now I like to revisit those times where I can see that something good was happening. These are periods of time I feel I should have stayed with for much longer. With both
of these paintings, the end of the year has seen a move towards brighter colours and with Clouds Over The Sea the sky has been given a lot of attention. Brighter colours and skies are things I will be focusing on in the future.

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